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At Reformers, we’re not just about selling books; we’re keen to provide Christians with resources that are genuinely helpful to their spiritual walk. Below are a number of websites that people have found very useful. The views contained in the following links are not necessarily those of Reformers Bookshop.

Articles and Bible Study Outlines

Truths to memorise – God’s word applied to our lives, on a variety of topics



Popular sermon series, by Rev Dr Peter Barnes, lecturer, author, church historian and pastor of Revesby Presbyterian Church in Sydney, Australia.

The Bible talks, an archive of expository Bible talks, by Rev David Balzer.


Blog Sites

EQUIP Book Club – Women’s Online Book and Blog Club

Jean Williams – In All Honesty blog

Nicole Starling – 168 Hours blog

Tim Challies – blogger, author and book reviewer


Bible and Theological Colleges

The following colleges seek to teach Biblical truth with an evangelical, reformed perspective. They also have an emphasis on pastoral care and the ministry formation of their students:

Christ College, Sydney. Evangelical, reformed and contemporary in their approach.

Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne. "After more than 30 years on the front-line of Gospel ministry in fields such as biblical preaching, teaching and writing, I know that the most important factor in determining where you should study is the capacity of College lecturers to equip you to rightly handle the Holy Scriptures and to model the Christian life."

Queensland Theological College, Brisbane. They aim to provide excellent theological training that faithfully applies the Word of God to the real world: Word-controlled, community-focused and totally practical.

Reformed Theological College, Geelong. The RTC is committed to training people to serve God in the whole of life, establishing them strongly in God's Word and helping them develop the skills and character necessary for ministry in the Christian church.

Grace Theological College, Auckland, New Zealand. A non-denominational, evangelical and reformed college committed to training and equipping men and women for service in the church and kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Christian Education

Christian Education National and Christian Schools Australia are the official webpages for the two major Christian School networks in Australia.

Christian, Church and Denominational Schools in Australia lists private and church schools, parent-controlled Christian schools and Christian community schools. Somewhat dated.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library makes classic Christian writings readily available and promotes their use.

Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Center (IDEA) has an excellent collection of articles on their site.

Christian Apologetics – links to a number of reputable Christian authors and thinkers, including Michael Green, a British theologian and apologist who has written over 50 books including the wonderful book: You Must Be Joking: Popular Excuses for Avoiding Jesus Christ.

Helpful resources for Christian teachers – links to a variety of resources.

Wiki Islam is a very thorough research website on Islam. It has that 'wiki' look and is dedicated to examining the claims of Islam, both ‘pro’ and ‘anti’. Not all authors are Christian.


Christian Magazines

AP Magazine – Australia's reformed evangelical periodical. Helpful interviews with leading international theologians, as well as encouraging articles and useful book reviews. 15 years of back issues can be viewed and downloaded free of charge, including a large selection of valuable Bible studies.

Challenge Newspaper – an evangelistic newspaper to encourage and help Christians to share their faith regularly and to give readers the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ. Great for handing to non-Christian friends.

New Life Magazine – fortnightly online magazine, with a focus on news.


Christian Conferences and Camps

EQUIP runs a series of conferences throughout the year: March Ministry Wives’ Conference, a May Women’s Conference and an early November Conference for Women in Leadership.

Katoomba Christian Convention runs 13 different conferences throughout the year for men, women, families and youth.

Presbyterian Youth NSW – hundreds of young people attend their popular Summer and Winter Camps and training programmes, with first-rate speakers, great Bible studies and lots of fun. Popular with youth across many denominations. Popular with parents as well, as they get to have some time together without the children.

Women of Truth run an annual Women’s Conference (late May) near Newcastle. They are a group of women who seek to equip, grow, remind and encourage each other to live for Christ as we await His return.



MERF (Middle East Reformed Fellowship) An evangelical Christian missionary organisation which serves in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. MERF strengthens national churches with ministries of evangelism, church extension, biblical training and diaconal aid, to declare the whole counsel of God in accord with the historic Reformed confessions.

Australian Presbyterian World Mission The global missions ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.


Churches near Reformers and Denominational Websites

Ashfield Presbyterian Church

Stanmore Baptist Church founded Reformers Bookshop in 1983. Reformers is located at Stanmore Baptist Church.

Presbyterian Church of New South Wales

Presbyterian Church of Victoria

Presbyterian Church of Queensland

Presbyterian Church of South Australia

Presbyterian Church of Tasmania

Presbyterian Church in Western Australia


Other Christian Bookshops

Creation Ministries International has a range of helpful books and DVDs suitable for all ages about the evidence for and glory of God’s creation.

Christian Booksellers Association of Australia Reformers Bookshop is a member of the CBAA, together with 80 other Christian bookshops around Australia.


Other Christian Links

Australian Christian Lobby The vision of the ACL is to see Christian principles and ethics accepted and influencing the way we are governed, do business and relate to each other as a community. Their stated aim is that there is no sense in this vision of wishing to see Australia a theocracy, but merely wanting to re-establish the rightful influence of those who believe in our Christian heritage.

Christian Faith has lots of Christian and non-Christian resources and links, with help on cults, the occult and “isms.”

Christian Faith Links are a variety of useful links, search engines, communities, web help and graphics.

The Christian Faith website also seeks to strengthen Christian families. Lots of advice and helpful articles.

Marriage Alliance has a series of practical articles, written from a secular viewpoint.

Ministry Blue Christian directory, with special deals from time to time, and information on home loans, new cars and car financing and web hosting.

NSW Council of Churches is a group of seven evangelical denominations that provide the Christian programmes for radio station 2CH. Talks and articles can be found on this site.

PresData Services For web and mail hosting, web design and content management systems.