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With Two Hands: Stories of God's Work

With Two Hands: Stories of God's Work

ISBN 9781845505394
Author Davis, Rebecca
Publisher Christian Focus
Pages 176
Price: $9.99
Why would a crippled old man wait by the side of the road every day for twenty years? Why would a slave and a witch doctor walk for three days to find a man called Jesus? Why would a lame man purposely walk to a tribe where he knew he could be killed? Sixteen captivating episodes from one Christian mission in Ethiopia show the power of God in the midst of darkness.

"They sacrificed everything, sometimes their lives, that the unreached in Ethiopia's forgotten corners of the harvest field might know the love of the Lord. Read this book. Share these stories with your children. Pass it on to your friends. It will touch your heart and theirs, challenge the depth of your commitments, and energize your witness to the greatness of Lord Jesus."
- Bark Fahnestock, SIM Missionary, Ethiopia

"I loved reading With Two Hands! My heart was touched by the wonderful stories of how God has worked and continues to work through His servants in Ethiopia."
- A. A. Baker, Assistant to the President, Child Evangelism Fellowship
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