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What God Starts, God Completes (3rd Ed)

What God Starts, God Completes (3rd Ed)

ISBN 9781845508234
Author Milton, Michael
Publisher Christian Focus
Pages 176
Price: $14.99
"My identity is, quite simply, completely related to Jesus Christ. Some reading this will not like my saying that. They will want more. They will want ‘depth.’ They will want ‘irony.’ But He is all there is to me. I am as deep as this: I have only Him. There is no mystery, irony, or feature about me that is amazing or even interesting but that He chose me and I am His.” - Mike Milton

"A true pastor reaches to the heart. Mike Milton is such a pastor. Because God has radically changed his heart, he longs to speak to the hearts of others about God's amazing grace. His open heart will touch yours, too."
- Robert C. Cannada, Chancellor Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary

“God's amazing grace in the lives of his saints is inspiring and this biography is another chapter in God's grand narrative, a chapter well worth reading.”
- Luder G. Whitlock, Executive Director of CNL Charitable Foundation
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