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The King James Version Debate

The King James Version Debate

ISBN 9780801024276
Weight 181.00 grams
Author Carson, D.A.
Publisher Baker Books
Price: $27.99
In this book, Don Carson addresses laypeople and pastors with a concise explanation of the science of textual criticism and refutes the proposition that the King James Version is superior to contemporary translations.

After showing the problems with this premise, Carson refutes the propositions that the KJV is:
1. The most accurate translation
2. The most durable
3. The most reverent due to its use of the Old English forms (e.g. thou)
4. More honouring to Christ than other translations
5. The most easily memorised
6. The most suitable for public reading

This book provides a readable introduction to two things: biblical textual criticism and some of the principles upon which translations are made.
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