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The Justification Reader (Classic Christian Readers)

The Justification Reader (Classic Christian Readers)

ISBN 9780802839664
Weight 249.00 grams
Author Oden, Thomas C.
Publisher Eerdmans
Price: $28.99
The Justification Reader sets out the classic Christian teaching of ‘salvation by grace through faith.’ Distinguished theologian Thomas C. Oden gathers together the early Christian sources on the theme of justification. Ranging broadly through Christian history and across all branches of the church, Oden presents all the relevant historical texts on justification, as well as his own insightful explication of the doctrine.

His work shows that what these church fathers teach on justification was restated almost verbatim by the sixteenth-century Reformers and can still be confessed in good conscience by Christians from every communion. Thus this volume both provides a compendium of a central belief of the faith and demonstrates its ecumenical potential.

"This is a landmark work on a kingpin doctrine by a first-rate scholar who has made a commendable effort to demonstrate doctrinal unity within ecclesiastic plurality."
- Norman L. Geisler

“Intimately familiar with the ancient writings of the church, Oden guides us with a wise and pastoral hand through the consensus that binds genuine evangelicals throughout the centuries.”
- Michael Horton
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