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Refuting Evolution 2

Refuting Evolution 2

ISBN 9780890513873
Author Sarfati, Jonathan
Publisher Creation Ministries
Pages 245
Price: $16.99
Evolution dominates the cultural landscape today. From television sources like PBS, to magazines and books, it seems that evolutionary philosophy holds sway. Well, it might dominate for the moment, but it so happens that many competent scientists believe evolution to be a theory full of holes.

On the strength of his best-selling book Refuting Evolution, Jonathan Sarfati deftly exposes the false premise behind many evolutionary theories in his latest study, Refuting Religion 2. Taking on a breath-taking array of topics, Sarfati exposes some of the problems with evolution:
• Origins of life
• Whales that 'walked'
• Exquisitely designed machinery
• Language vs. animal grunts
• Transitional fossils
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