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RECOT Song of Songs

RECOT Song of Songs

ISBN 9781596389489
Author Duguid, Iain M.
Publisher P & R Publishing
Pages 216
Price: $31.99
To many of us, Song of Songs is a puzzling book. Often we’re not sure whether we should read it as romantic poetry or as allegory, and an answer either way raises new questions. Why is a love poem a whole book of the Bible? If it’s allegorical, what are we to make of the imagery used? And if we’re not married or dating, should we be reading this book at all?

As a part of Scripture, Song of Songs is God-breathed and useful to instruct all Christians, single or married, divorced or widowed, straight or struggling with same-sex desires. Iain Duguid steers a middle way between allegorical and literal approaches, showing that this book’s celebration of the love between a man and woman can not only shape our thinking about human relationships, but also give us profound insight into the love that Christ has for his bride, the church.

“So is the Song of Songs really about sex or Jesus? Iain Duguid steers a wise and pastoral path between those simplistic choices.”
- Bryan Chapell, Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Peoria, Illinois
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