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Prepared by Grace, for Grace

Prepared by Grace, for Grace

ISBN 9781601782342
Author Beeke, Joel and Smalley, Paul M.
Publisher Reformation Heritage
Pages 297
Price: $34.99
Few teachings of the Puritans have provoked such strong reactions and conflicting interpretations as their views on preparing for saving faith. Many twentieth-century scholars dismissed preparation as a prime example of regression from the Reformed doctrine of grace for a man-centred legalism.

In Prepared by Grace, for Grace, Beeke and Smalley carefully analyse the Puritan understanding of preparatory grace, demonstrate its continuity with the Reformed tradition and identify matters where even the Puritans disagreed among themselves.

Clearing away the many misconceptions and associated accusations of preparationism, this study shows how the Puritans understood the ordinary way God leads sinners to Christ.

“I can think of no abler team of writers in the world today to tackle the important issue of preparatory grace, with all of its attendant law-gospel implications, than Joel Beeke and Paul Smalley.”
- Derek W. H. Thomas, professor of systematic and historical theology, RTS Atlanta; Minister for preaching and teaching, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina
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