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Preaching Christ in All of Scripture

Preaching Christ in All of Scripture

ISBN 9781581344523
Author Clowney, Edmund P.
Publisher Crossway Books
Pages 192
Price: $26.99
Voicing one theme for the entire Bible and structuring all sermons around that idea may seem to be an impossible challenge. For pastor and preaching professor Edmund Clowney it will not do to preach a text from either the Old or New Testaments without fully preaching its ultimate and primary focus – the person and work of Jesus Christ. The witness of the Scriptures to Christ is the reason they were written, so it is appropriate to emphasise this element in the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament.

By offering numerous full-length examples of his own sermons that emphasise Christ as the principle theme of Scripture, Clowney illustrates how to craft sermons which present Christ as the primary consideration of the text. He also offers specific instructions on preparing such a sermon. He then discusses the personal habits of prayer and Bible study that prepare pastors to seek out Christ's presence.

"... Preaching Christ in All of Scripture is the kind of book that isn't just about preaching. It's about Christ and the call on all believers to see him and his glory in all of God's Word.”
- Stephen W. Brown, Professor of Preaching, Reformed Theological Seminary
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