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PTFT Rules for Walking in Fellowship

PTFT Rules for Walking in Fellowship

ISBN 9781601783455
Author Owen, John
Publisher Reformation Today
Pages 128
Price: $13.99
In Rules for Walking in Fellowship, John Owen supplies struggling congregations with biblical guidelines for making church life in the present a foretaste of heavenly fellowship to come. He discusses both the responsibilities congregations have toward pastors as well as the duties members have toward one another.

Together, Owen presents twenty-four rules for fostering gospel fellowship, supporting them with numerous proof texts, brief explanations and words of motivation to keep them. Here, then, is a collection of indispensable biblical rules that will challenge Christians in any given congregation, of whatever denomination – a little gem that is at the same time doctrinal, practical and ecumenical.

“Everything Owen wrote is worth reading, but some of his books are more accessible than others. This little practical treatise is a great way to meet a great Christian mind as it deals with the most basic elements of the Christian’s life in his church.”
- Carl R. Trueman, Paul Woolley Professor of Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia
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