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Now, That's a Good Question

Now, That's a Good Question

ISBN 9780842347112
Author Sproul, R C
Publisher Ligonier
Pages 615
Price: $19.99
Now That's a Good Question answers more than three hundred challenging questions about life and faith.

Sproul, a distinguished theologian and educator, address doctrinal points and contemporary issues such as euthanasia, evolution and abortion. His answers cover the topics in a personable, easy-to-read style that's perfect for the lay person.

New believers as well as those older in the faith will find this book a great resource for those challenging questions of life and faith.

“R.C. Sproul gives short, sharp, satisfying answers to important biblical and theological questions. This is an excellent, stimulating volume for occasional reading or prolonged meditation.”
- Dr. James M. Boice, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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