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New Thematic Concordance, The

New Thematic Concordance, The

ISBN 9781857929317
Weight 136.00 grams
Author Miller, Daniel Morrison
Publisher Christian Focus
Price: $15.99
The Bible is a big book – how do you find things in it? A concordance can be a really useful tool to help you, but most just list words. What happens if the word you are looking for doesn't come from the translation that the concordance is for?

The New Thematic Concordance is a topical Bible concordance allowing you to search by theme – showing you where in the Bible that subject or theme is developed. Do you want to know what the Bible says about 'Homosexuality'? Look it up under 'H' and this book will then tell you where to go in the Bible. Before long, you will find that The New Thematic Concordance is an indispensable tool.

"[A] concordance presenting 300 topics, subdivided into numerous themes providing over 16,000 Bible references. This provides a highly effective way of locating Scripture verses referring to a subject in mind."
- Tabernacle Bookshop
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