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Jesus Driven Ministry

Jesus Driven Ministry

ISBN 9780851119953
Author Ajith, Fernando
Publisher IVP UK
Pages 256
Price: $23.99
Author Ajith Fernando believes that much ministry failure results from neglect of the basics of the faith. Too often, today's church is riveted on ministry technique to the neglect of leadership lifestyle.

In this book, Fernando identifies the foundational elements that allow you to be both effective and joyful in your service. He shows from Jesus' own ministry that relating to the people you minister to, retreating from busyness to prayer, being affirmed and empowered by God, discipling younger leaders, and gaining strength from God's Word must be at the heart of your ministry.

Rich in Scripture and full of experience from Fernando's own years of ministry, this book will help men and women commit themselves anew to those vital basics of ministry that make for long-term service that is both fruitful and joyful.
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