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Hidden Christmas

Hidden Christmas

ISBN 9781473642584
Author Keller, Timothy
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
Pages 160
Price: $21.99
The New Testament begins not with a dramatic narrative or lofty poetry, but with a genealogy. Provocatively, Matthew's gospel includes women in Jesus' family line – something that wasn't customary in an ancient culture, where women were largely powerless and uninfluential.

In this surprising take on the Christmas story, Tim Keller reveals how – by focusing on the women in Jesus' birth narratives – a colourful, scandalous and refreshing tale of grace emerges.

“The reading of this book led me to a deeper appreciation of the grace given to me. For the non-Christian reader this book may well be transformational… Keller displays a great gift in being able to take complex theological subject and explain them with clarity and simplicity, making the message accessible to everyone.”
- Presbyterian Herald
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