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HH2: The Good News Must Go Out

HH2: The Good News Must Go Out

ISBN 9781845506285
Author Davis, Rebecca
Publisher Christian Focus
Pages 160
Price: $9.99
From one old woman's prayer, a young girl was brought to faith, a missionary was sent to Africa, and then a church was born among the people of Central Africa. Missionaries from the West came with the message of Jesus Christ – but it was the men and women saved from cannibalism, the young boys who herded goats and carted water, who brought the Good News even farther to more and more villages in Africa.

These stories are the true missionary stories of Margaret Nicholl Laird in her ministry in the Central African Republic. She and many others gave their lives in service of the King of Glory, whose Good News must go out!

“... Tears of joy to read how the Lord used men and women, prepared to sacrifice their lives to take the Gospel to Africa. Challenging. Each chapter is compelling, easy to read, and enjoyable for children.”
- Tabernacle Bookshop
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