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God and Politics

God and Politics

ISBN 9781910587447
Author Dever, Mark
Publisher 10Publishing
Pages 56
Price: $5.99
In a society where religion is increasingly private, and faith is ok as long as it’s not shared, many would seek to keep God out of their politics. But is that right, and is it biblical? This is an important topic to consider, not just for those working in government, but for all of us as we seek to be responsible citizens in a fallen world.

In this book, Mark Dever unpacks what the Bible has to say on this topic, and teaches how we can ‘Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s’ without compromising on what we believe. We’ll see that our duty to God is comprehensive and that there isn’t an area of life that we can separate from His influence.

“Mark Dever has provided an insightful exposition of what it means for us to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, casting a positive vision for Christian engagement in politics. Highly recommended.”
- Sam Allberry, Author of Is God Anti-Gay?
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