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Empowered Leader's Guide

Empowered Leader's Guide

ISBN 9781784981068
Author Pippert, Rebecca M. & Molenhouse, Dick
Publisher Good Book Company
Pages 160
Price: $14.99
So many Christians feel nervous, guilty or awkward when they think about sharing their faith with friends and family. It doesn't have to be this way. You can be equipped for evangelism that is faithful, compelling and relational. Empowered will leave ordinary Christians not only wanting to share their faith, but knowing how to talk about Jesus in their everyday conversations.

Each session opens with a short introduction before moving to an interactive group Bible study. This is followed by a short talk on the DVD. Afterwards, there’s time to work through the practical implications in discussion groups, before turning to prayer. This Leader’s Guide contains everything you need to run this course.

“Rebecca Manley Pippert has helped thousands around the world communicate the unique truth and beauty of the message of Jesus with passion and effectiveness... Empowered will equip and encourage churches to effectively engage and share Christ with others.”
- Ravi Zacharias, Author and speaker
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