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Discover Bible Notes - sample issue

Discover Bible Notes - sample issue

ISBN DiscoverSample
Author Cole, Martin
Publisher Good Book Company
Price: $3.00
The Bible is not a novel, neither is it a straightforward history book. Why are there two Testaments? What are all those laws about? Who exactly was Jesus? How is He connected with Moses and all those others guys? Why did He have to die? What does all the symbolism in Revelation mean?

Reading the Bible on a daily basis is quite a challenge. Many young people are instantly put off by the Bible's confusing structure, or its ancient language, or because they can see no relevance in it for today's world. Some of the books in the Bible are historical, some are poetic, some are prophetic, some take the form of letters. The big question is – how does it all fit together?

Discover is a quarterly publication aimed at young people, specifically the 10-13 age group. It encourages a daily routine of Bible study and prayer, which hopefully sets a pattern for the rest of their lives. Discover takes what are sometimes very complex Biblical truths and explains them clearly and simply for the younger Christian.
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