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Da Vinci: A Broken Code

Da Vinci: A Broken Code

ISBN 9781846250194
Weight 68.00 grams
Author Edwards, Brian H.
Publisher Day One Publications
Price: $2.50
If you are into secret societies and symbols, ciphers and cipher texts, anagrams and cryptogams, then you may enjoy cracking the codes with the characters of this novel. With forty million copies in forty languages out there this best seller must have grabbed the attention of some who find it a good read! But is The Da Vinci Code just a harmless novel, or is there something more dangerous or even dishonest about it? If the New Testament Gospels are in its sights, what is it that is causing such a stir? And how should a reader respond to it? Is it to be ignored or taken head on? Is it a powerful tool or just another broken hammer? Are its claims true or ...?
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