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Bitesize Biographies - Thomas Cranmer

Bitesize Biographies - Thomas Cranmer

ISBN 9780852347737
Author Hamer, Colin
Publisher Evangelical Press
Price: $11.99
Thomas Cranmer, one of the Reformation's most famous martyrs, can accurately be described as the architect of the Church of England. His involvement in England's break with the Roman Church was crucial. However, in contrast with other key figures of the Reformation, little has been written about Cranmer in recent years.

Despite the fact that we are all fallen men and women, we so often want to see our heroes as giants, able to cope with every situation life throws at them without faltering – Cranmer was not such a man. This 'warts and all' biography is honest about Cranmer's weaknesses, not least of all his compromise in the face of difficulty.

“Colin Hamer has written an outstanding brief biography.”
- Robert Letham, Wales Evangelical School of Theology
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