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RTBT Revelation: Apocalypse Now and Then

RTBT Revelation: Apocalypse Now and Then

ISBN 9780949108425
Author Barnett, Paul
Publisher Aquila Press
Pages 170
Price: $21.99
A readable, practical and accessible commentary on the book of Revelation.

No longer should readers feel intimidated by the Book of Revelation. This easy-to-read commentary helps Christians gain real and lasting insights into this much neglected New Testament book.

The Reading the Bible Today series of non-technical commentaries is devoted to presenting careful scholarship in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy. It will guide Bible study leaders and provide easily accessible reference material for preachers. Study questions make it ideal for personal or group use.

"Revelation is a complex piece of writing that has mystified many, and it is no small achievement to write a simple commentary on it that dispels the fog. Dr Barnett, however, has done just this. Drawing on what is now known about apocalyptic style and first-century history, he makes good sense of everything, and so opens up the book for fruitful lay study. Most useful – and highly recommended!"
- J I Packer, Regent College, Vancouver
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