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The Gospel: Did Paul and Jesus Agree

The Gospel: Did Paul and Jesus Agree

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There are those who claim that Paul was the second founder of Christianity, and he has been accused of inventing the doctrine of everlasting punishment, of anti-Semitism and being prejudiced against women. Many try to separate Paul from Jesus and assert he distorted the teachings of Christ. Others claim there were a plurality of beliefs in the early church and that Paul and Jesus represented different schools of theology.

Did Paul misunderstand or corrupt the teachings of Jesus? Is half our New Testament unreliable? Or does it matter what we believe? In other words, is there more than one gospel?

Peter Barnes examines and compares the writings of Paul with the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels and also with other New Testament epistles. He shows convincingly that while there may be differences of emphasis, there is an essential harmony and unity amongst Jesus, Paul and all the writers of the New Testament. Paul was a faithful ambassador of Christ, and to know Jesus Christ we need to know the Christ whom Paul reveals.
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