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Crossroads Addiction Study Guide

Crossroads Addiction Study Guide

ISBN 9781934885949
Author Welch, Edward T.
Publisher New Growth Press
Pages 102
Price: $26.99
Every one of us is a potential addict. In a pressure-filled world, the prospect of instant escape can be exhilarating. No matter the object, addictions lure us. They extend the promise of pleasure. In the end, they deliver emptiness, death, and destruction. What began as an escape from the hassles of life becomes a form of bondage. Change doesn't come easily – but it is possible!

Crossroads was designed as a group study for those struggling with addiction, with ten steps providing a biblical framework for change. In this Study Guide, Edward Welch shows that there is a guidebook for living, even to those enslaved by an addiction. God is not silent on this issue – His Word offers them hope.

With a sound theology on addiction and years of counseling experience, Welch equips counselors, pastors and others to play an active role in God's restorative work in the lives of those enslaved to an addiction.
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